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          Sale Service

          Continuously improving pre-sale service,sale and after-sale service,and enhancing the market competitiveness of our products.

          Equipment Test

          Yihai quality control program have 35 inspection items,every step confirmed by inspector,then enter next progresses.

          Custom Made

          Client can customize machine size, color and other machines to meet customer personalized demand.

          High-quality Electrical

          Cooperate with domestic and international supplier,all electrical must undergo rigorous testing, quality intact, environmental protection.

          Warranty Service

          In accordance with national law to perform, electrical spindles 1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance services.

          Delivery Time

          Ensure completion of the cargo timely,we can arrange ocean freight to destination port. We pursue affection, not only satisfaction.

          To?the ?quality ?of ?survival ?to ?serve ?for ?the ?market, customer? focus, creating? value? for? customers.Contact Us


          Quality is the Life of Enterprise

          Our service content

          Quality is the Life of Enterprise

          Professional Manufacturer

          Running a technical team includes technology research and development, machining, parts procurement…

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          Provide Complete Solution

          Providing the complete solution for production such as cabinet /closet/ sliding door production line, furniture…

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          Industrialization Of Technology

          With unremitting efforts and pursuing, We are willing to join hands with partner from all over the world in creating……

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          application scene

          Machine Application

          about yihai


          Who is Yihai?

          Jinan Yihai Cnc Router Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC manufacturer for researching, developing, manufacturing, selling and serving. Running a technical team includes technology research and development, machining, parts…

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          Yihai news

          Look at Our News

          Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Notice

          Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Ho...

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          Customer Visiting From India

          Customer Visiting From India

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