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          CNC Laser Machine YH-1325
          CNC Laser Machine YH-1325

          CNC Laser Machine YH-1325

          1.  Working Size:1300*2500 Laser Tube:80W
          2.  Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Paper, Plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood
          3.  Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, DST, DWG
          Product Details

          Powerful control system

          1.  Using efficient CNC control software, which contain the following advantages:powerful, Strong compatibility.Compatible with NC documents,  DXF, PLT, AI mapping software.

          2.  Convenient operation and maintenance. Without the mold,  you can draw any graphic you need and the product can come out immediately. Save time and money.

          3.  Nesting editing software as the optional can fully improve the efficiency of material's utilization and cutting.

          4.  Powerful graphics display, Directly effect the performance of cutting, On-line monitoring of cutting path.

          5.  All the operational information are displayed on the LCD screen and friendly man-machine conversation interface bring easy operaticn and maintenance for customers.

          6.  AutomaticaIly record position, Back to the breakpoint cutting, Regression function.

            JINAN YIHAI CNC ROUTER MACHINERY CO.,LTD  is a professional manufacturer of high precision cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine in China for many years, we manufacture the products as bellow: 



          engraving area


          Laser tube

          60W-150W(100W cuts better)

          Engraving speed


          Cutting speed


          Cutting thickness

          >arcylic 15mm

          Minimum shaping character

          Chinese :1.5*2mm; letter: 1*1mm

          Support graphic format

          DST, PLT, BMP , DXF,AI

          Resolution ratio


          Location precision


          Power supply


          Operating temperature

          5 – 40 centigrade degrees

          Operating humidity

          5%-95% Free of condensed water





          Gross power



          1.Only manufacturer adopts square tube framework machine body 40% higher than simple iron sheet structure, never distortion. Prevents machine from quivering and resonance during long time work.
          2.High efficiency tube with stable laser path.

          3.X&Y axis with high accuracy square rail, perfect performance.
           4.Red dot pointer offers highest accuracy position.
           5. Humanized and modern design makes work happy, safe and easy.
           6.Professional motion control card offers continue fast curve cutting together with shortest path selection. Shorten work time. 

          1325 .jpg 

          1325 .jpg







          wood engrave.jpg 

           bamboo engrave .jpg


          Guarantee & After-Sales Service
          A. One year warranty under normal use and we give maintenance for life for free.
          B. 24hours technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN or Remote Assistance.
          C.Free training to make sure you master the operation of cnc router. 

          Why you choose YIHAI CNC

          A. Our company is specialized in manufacturing cnc router,  and cnc laser machine cnc plasma  with more than 10 years(Since 2001) expe rience.

          Our products have gained great popularity for reliable quality and reasonable price.
          B. Our machines are widely used in almost all the materials and industries.

          C. we provide you one-stop services, including Online Negotiation, Order Confirmation, Delivery and Transport, Installation Guidance, and After Sales 


           D. Shorter lead time.For common machine, the lead time is within 13 working days and even shorter. 




          Please fill in the following form to contact us

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