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          YKS12B Automatic loading and unloading board furniture

          YKS12B Automatic loading and unloading board furniture

          1.   size 2500 * 1300 * 180mm
          2.   spindle:HSD air-cooled 9.0KW spindle
          3.   color:as customized
          Product Details

          YKS12B Automatic loading and unloading board furniture

          Product Introduction:

          Easy to use the user interface, which can effectively help the furniture business easy to achieve product design demolition, bar code management, docking CNC press center and CNC drilling.

          According to customer needs quickly choose to configure the product to generate real-time visible products 3-dimensional effect, customer confirmation after the next single data can be directly transmitted to the back of the furniture factory, after the order confirmation to produce the product data can be seamless docking equipment into production Process.

          Functional characteristics

          Automatic feeding, optimization of open materials, playing vertical holes, automatic cutting at one go, process without interruption, to achieve maximum efficiency output.

          Machine control interface design humane, fool-style operation, the operator can be a simple training can be posts, no skilled workers. Machine action quick and efficient, high efficiency, to help you achieve leap in production capacity.

          Countertops for the vacuum adsorption table, double anti-times the plate material, can be a strong adsorption of different areas of the material.

          Applicable industries:

          plate furniture, cabinet wardrobe, office furniture, custom furniture.

          Technical Parameters



          Effective travel range

          2500 * 1300 * 200mm

          Maximum processing size

          2500 * 1300 * 180mm

          Table size

          2500 * 1300mm

          Up and down speed

          15m / min

          Countertop grid structure

          vacuum adsorption platform

          Drive system

          Japan Yasukawa servo drive system

          Spindle speed

          18000r / min

          Feeding method

          Automatic loading and unloading material

          Transmission type

          X / Y high precision German helical gear, Z axis screw

          Rapid traverse speed

          50m / min

          Maximum working speed

          25-50m / min

          Magazine type

          disc type

          Tool library capacity

          8-12 knife

          Working voltage

          AC380 / 3PH / 50HZ

          Operating system

          Taiwan new generation system


          new treasure reducer

          Row drill

          Italian L-shaped drill

          Spindle power

          HSD air-cooled 9.0KW spindle (optional domestic)

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