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          Contact Us

          Orders, Quotes, and Questions:

          For fastest response, please use the form or email below. Whether your business is Sign Making, Woodworking, Plastics, Foam, Prototyping, Model Making, Musical Instruments or Education, Techno is ready to serve you . Just provide us with your production needs and budget, and we will have a solution to meet your demands.

          Prices are dependent on currency and shipping rates, therefore we provide quotes valid for 4 weeks. To request a quote, please tell us what machine(s) and/or accessories you are interested in, what you will make, and what materials you will use.

          All machines are made to order. Orders can be placed after receiving and accepting a quote.   Machines will be ready for shipment between 1-4 weeks after placing an order depending on the level of service.   International orders include shipping to nearest port. Costs associated with import are the responsibility of the customer.

          Jinan Yihai Cnc Router Machinery Co., Ltd.

          Sales Manager : Aimee yang

          E-mail : sales04@yihaicnc.com

          Tel : +86-531-85816788

          Web : www.3couza.site

          Fax : +86-531-88627899

          Add:No.618,Daxin Industrial Park,Lingang Economic

          Development Zone,Jinan Shandong,China

          Mob : +86-18660817295

           whatsapp : +8613793118971

          Please fill in the following form to contact us

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