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          small stamp paper  laser engraving machine 3020

          small stamp paper laser engraving machine 3020

          small desktop stamp clothes laser engraving machine

          Product Details

          Acrylic laser engraving cutting machine Main parameters :

          Machine type

          YH-3020 co2 laser cutting machine

          Carve area

          300X200 mm

          Laser tube type

          co2 sealed glass laser tube

          Control System

          DSP control system

          cooling type


          Laser Power


          Electrical source voltage

          220v±10% or 110v/60HZ

          Differentiate rate

          0.0254 mm

          Least moulding character

          1.0X1.0MM english

          Work speed


          Front and rear delivery function


          Operating Temperature


          Operating Humidity


          revolution equipment

          Selection match

          intelligent temperature control


          Electrical rising and falling

          A type(without rising and falling),

          B type(hand), C type(power/hand)

          interval of between heads

          0--650mm software setting

          Applicable materials:

          It can both engrave and cut on Leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglas, wooden board, plastic, resin,paper,cardboard, jeans, mdf, ABS, PVC,ceramic, granite,marble,stone and other non-metal materials

          Acrylic laser engraving cutting machine Applicable materials:

          Processing industries of large-scale engraving and cutting, such as garment, leather, clipping, cutting of template, package and printing, advertisement decoration,

          building upholster, art gift, computer embroidery, paper, acrylic product, middle density board etc. Non-metal sheet precision cutting and other industries.

          Acrylic laser engraving cutting machine stand equipment:
          1. 40W laser tube
          2. Red dot position, USB port
          3. Water pump
          4. Air pump and exhaust fan
          5. Honeycomb work table or vertical knife work table
          6. Support WIN7/ XP/ VISTA/ WINDOWS 2000
          7. Software support CorelDraw, AutoCAD, photoshop

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